Got Perl Modules?

All applications are built from component modules -- often lots of them. You want your Perl applications built with the right versions of those modules, every time. Stratopan makes it simple.

Module Management Made Easy

With Stratopan, you can build custom repositories of just the modules you want. These can be public modules from the CPAN or private modules of your own. Module versions in your Stratopan repository change only when you decide to change them. So you'll get consistent and repeatable builds.

Best of all, a Stratopan gives you powerful tools for evolving your dependencies. You can use "stacks" to create multiple indexes of the repository with different versions of the modules. Stacks let you safely try new modules in isolation, without disrupting your production configuration.


Visualize Your Perl

Most applications have many dependencies with complex relations. It's important to understand these relations so you know what needs testing when you upgrade a module, or which modules are the most critical in your application.

Stratopan has interactive dependency graphs to help you visualize all the Perl modules in your application. You can quickly trace the relationships to understand your dependency tree.


Know How You Got Here

Stratopan is also a version control system for your dependencies. Each change to the repository is logged so you can identify when a change happened, who did it, and why. Everything you add to the repository is stashed permanently, so you can always recover past dependencies.

Your Stratopan repository has everything you need to rebuild your Perl application when it comes time to upgrade your Perl or move to a different OS. No more digging around on CPAN to find the old versions of modules you're using.