Take Control Of Your Perl.

Managing Perl modules doesn't have to be painful. We can help you establish your own Pinto repository, giving you a stable platform for making reproducible builds.

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Analyze Your Environment

We are experts on dealing with Perl modules. We'll sort through all the mess on CPAN to build a baseline Pinto repository that matches your production environment.

Launch Your Repository

We'll configure and deploy the Pinto repository onto your infrastructure. We'll also help tie in to your continuous integration system and other automated services.

Coaching And Learning

Pinto is a simple yet sophisticated tool. We'll provide hands-on training sessions and reference materials to show your team how to use their Pinto repository.

No Time To Waste

We get you up and running with Pinto in just a few weeks. Your developers stay focused on creating great apps, not chasing bugs through different versions of Perl modules.

Ongoing Support

We also offer ongoing services to patch future releases of CPAN modules for you, so you can stay current without eating every bug that comes along.

Community Backed

Pinto is 100% open source with an established community of users and contributors. Every day, they are working to make Pinto even better for you!