Stratopan Graph Widgets

Stratopan's interactive dependency graphs are a great tool for visualizing the relationships between Perl modules. These graphs are now feely available for most distributions on CPAN, and can be embedded in any web page by using the following markup:

<iframe src="//" width="720" height="620" frameborder="0"></iframe>

The q parameter is a distribution name with version number like Moose-2.1205 or Perl-Critic-1.215. You can also specify a package name like DBIx::Class in which case the latest version of that package will be used. Multiple distributions or packages can be specified by separating them with commans, such as q=Moose-2.1205,Dancer2-0.140001.

By default, the graphs are calculated using the latest non-developer releases of all dependencies, and dependencies that are satisfied by the Perl core version 5.16.2 are not shown. You can specify a different version of perl by adding a perl parameter to the url, such as &perl=v5.8.9. If you set &perl=0 then all core dependencies will also be shown.

To generate the graphs quickly, we cache data for the most common dependencies for up to four hours. So there will be some delay before new releases to CPAN are reflected in the graphs. All dependencies are based on the static metadata included in each distribution, so dynamic and undeclared dependencies cannot be shown.

The width and height attributes of the iframe can be adjusted to fit the layout of your page. Just remember that graphs for different distributions can vary greatly in size. We've found that 720x620 seems to be a good size for most distributions. Here's a live demonstration using the exact markup shown above.